Literature list

After the German language literature list here comes the English one. I am not so sure about the categories because there is a lot of overlap, but since I was specifically asked about literature about trans issues this will come first, more about other stuff to follow:

Trans* stuff

Since I have just posted stuff about sexuality of trans people, I won’t repeat that here.


In English there are quite a few good books about trans issues imho:

  • Whipping Girl by Julia Serano, almost the „bible“ about transsexuality, especially from a trans-female and feminist point of view. If you are confused about what transsexuality is all about and want to understand it or if you want to here critique of both biologist and sociologist models of transsexuality, this should be your first book to look at.
  • Excluded by Julia Serano, kind of the follow-up to Whipping Girl, but with a much broader perspective. It puts forward a general model for marginalization and how to fight it independent of the specific categories (and their intersections) that trigger the marginalization. Also a lot of experiences about how it is to be a transsexual woman (and bisexual and femme and tomboy 🙂 ) in queer circles. There is a lot more to write about it, I’ll reserve that to future posts.
  • Gender Outlaws, The Next Generation, edited by Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman. Lots of Essays about gender nonconformity in many forms trans male, trans female and everything in between. Also from all kinds of perspectives: different ages, countries, ethnic backgrounds, economic backgrounds etc.
  • Nobody Passes, edited by Mattilda, aka Matt Bernstein Sycamore, a critical and broad discussion about passing from different angles, not only about passing as a certain gender, but also for example as a certain ethnicity or class. Reading this book is such a relief coming from discussions about passing in German trans circles (and queer circles, albeit for different reason) because it describes both the difficulties (often you have very little control about how you are perceived) as well as the necessities (sometimes you need to pass, just to survive for example)

These were some of the ones I have read, here are some that I didn’t read, but hear that they are really good:



These are links that I post all the time somewhere 🙂

Stuff about Racism

I am white so I don’t think I know as much about racism than I know about trans issues. But here are some infos that help me understand stuff.



Think It’s #NotAllMen? These 4 Facts Prove You’re Just Plain Wrong very good description about why #notallmen is not enough, how all men are potentially unsafe etc.

General Minority Issues

Minority Stress

Spritual Stuff

General Spiritual Stuff

10 Ways to Bypass the Real, good list of typical spiritual bypassing strategies.

Spritual Victim Blaming

There is a lot of thinking in spiritual circles that, when applied the other way round, results in victim blaming. This makes it hard for people in not-so-good life situatons to feel welcome and also is just plain wrong. Here are some articles about it:

Racism in the Spiritual Subculture

A lot of the western spiritual subculture is very privilege unaware and racist in a specific way. Here are some articles about it:

General entitled stuff in spiritual circles

Intentional Communities

  • Utopia Inc, „Most utopian communities are, like most start-ups, short-lived. What makes the difference between failure and success?“
  • Is this Portuguese eco-village a 21st-century utopia?, TED article about Tamera, with the, imho, very fitting quote „Tamera is a confusing place: part ridiculous, part slightly worrying and part hugely impressive.“

Abuse in Spiritual Subcultures


Well, the concept of (psycho)therapy can be questioned itself and some of the links below do, maybe self-development could be a better description.

Ecological Stuff

I’m an environmental journalist, but I never write about overpopulation. Here’s why. by David Roberts. Hint: Feminism and Socialism are the main answers.

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