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Self-Help Heresy

Or, what doesn’t work. For many years, I have been through different therapies, at workshops, in sessions etc. for „feeling better“, self-development etc. (for one description in German about one such search, see here: Alltägliche Übergriffe und Traumabearbeitung) And while there … Weiterlesen

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Dystopian Fragment: roads, bosses, witches and trees

I was at a workshop about dystopian writing and finally managed to type in what I wrote there: Normalcy, the weeds in the cracks o highway concrete are fighting it. They are stubborn, they might die, but they are finding … Weiterlesen

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Political Witchcraft

So, last weekend I did some spellwork after a long hiatus where I didn’t do much, and I still have to work with a lot of limitations. But I want to share this because I was working about political issues … Weiterlesen

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