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Climate Despair and Psychotherapy

Many people feel sadness, anxiety or despair when they understand what can or will be in store for them with the ongoing climate catastrophe.

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Self-Help Heresy: Explanations

I did my Self-Help Heresy list without explanations on purpose to inspire discussion (and also because I didn’t have the time and energy). Some topics actually did start some exchange or people wanted to get explanations, so I wrote something … Weiterlesen

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Self-Help Heresy

Or, what doesn’t work. For many years, I have been through different therapies, at workshops, in sessions etc. for „feeling better“, self-development etc. (for one description in German about one such search, see here: Alltägliche Übergriffe und Traumabearbeitung) And while there … Weiterlesen

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German Trans Surgery Bureaucracy 101

Every now and then English speaking people ask about the way to get surgeries (especially SRS) paid by German public health insurance. So here is my 101. I will amend it when new questions or difficulties come up. Basically you … Weiterlesen

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Transgender terminology in German

I was asked to answer a few questions about transgender terminology in German, so I thought I might as well post it on my blog as well: 1) Do you remember the first time you had heard of a transgender … Weiterlesen

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Political Witchcraft

So, last weekend I did some spellwork after a long hiatus where I didn’t do much, and I still have to work with a lot of limitations. But I want to share this because I was working about political issues … Weiterlesen

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Psychological Effects Of FFS

When I had my facial feminization surgery (see also this article about it on autostraddle) with Facialteam in Mai, I was surprised that they not only had consent forms for the different procedures (that was to be expected), but also a … Weiterlesen

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Names For Things

    Starting from this post about trans women’s penises (see also this spoken word piece about it) I had some facebook exchange about how trans people call their (sexually interesting) parts. As we know, it is really important to be … Weiterlesen

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…not transsexuality, so it’s about the sexuality of trans people. Since in my last post most of the ressources I listed were in English anyways, I figured, I could write a short post about sexuality of trans people in English … Weiterlesen

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Two Strange Hippies

This is first my „real“ attempt at erotic writing, started at Other Nature’s writing workshop. And no, it is not autobiographic ;-). Content warning: exlicit language :-).

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