Political Witchcraft

So, last weekend I did some spellwork after a long hiatus where I didn’t do much, and I still have to work with a lot of limitations. But I want to share this because I was working about political issues and I think it is important for the witch/spiritual/whatever subculture to thing about what they want to do in difficult political situations and how our work can impact more than our immediate surroundings. (It is also important to realize that it is a privilege to be able to just think about immediate surroundings or even only inner emotional state, but that’s for another time).

So, the situation in Germany right now is crazy in my opinion. Many people call it the „refugee crisis“. There are a lot of refugees coming, and it is a challenge to house them and care for them, but it would be manageable if people and the different levels of government were willing to help. But since many are there a lot of gaps that are filled by volunteers who are working their asses off to make sure the refugees can somewhat find a place to recover and be in peace.

But as I see it, the main crisis is happening within the reaction of the German population to the coming of refugees. There is a lot of hatred, anger and violence, and I think most of it is rooted in some form of existential fear, caused by neoliberal precarisation and by a diversification of society that confuses people. And the part that bothers me most, is, that we now have factions in society („right“ and „left“) that are not able to talk with each other anymore, it’s just a „which side are you on“ then an exchange of opinions and a search for a compromise.

Ok, so much for the background. When thinking about this I thought that rational methods won’t help much anymore, the situation is stuck, and also I was really angry and frustrated at this, so I thought about how about do a ritual about it and call up some forces to fight against it. I also thought about trying to find more witches to do rituals together for this, but this will have to wait a bit.

So this is how the ritual went:

I looked on the map of my city for a wooded area that was accessible and probably not overcrowded and went there. The first part of the wood looked hurt, the trees looked weak and they were also all about the same age. It felt like they were growing on poisonous land. Which could very well be since there had been military barracks in the area before. And there I thought, well with the way humankind handles the earth right now, we will probably all have to learn to live on poisonous land, eat poisonous food and still somehow make do and live as good as we can.

And then I found an area that felt better, the trees were healthier and it just had a safer feel to it. I let myself be guided to a good ritual place, there was a kind of magical path a bit away from the track and an area that felt right.

There I created a circle with branches that were partly already there and that I partly rearranged to form the ritual space, with the intention of shielding it and blocking outside influence. That seemed to work, just when I started the ritual people were walking by in viewing distance and didn’t see me or at least didn’t care. I stopped the ritual anyway because I wasn’t sure and continued when they were gone.

For the ritual I started with grounding (I did everything standing up, this was just forest floor…) and then did the movements that came to me. First it was mostly sending out energy in different directions, don’t know what it was for, maybe still part of creating the space (blocking negative influences), or actually sending out some influences for change.

But then my focus shifted towards the nature that surrounded me, and I felt that we must unite with Nature to form a resistance movement together. I admired the powerful resilience of Nature to just grow whereever it is possible, not caring about what was there before and just using all the space they can find and always just go on and make the best out of the situation. All the crazy things humankind invents and creates, Nature doesn’t really care about and just goes on around it.

But then I felt really ashamed of humankind and how we are so mean to Nature and destroy so much of its habitat and just bowed to it and apologized and felt really sad. I did this for quite a while, just humbling myself before Nature and acknowledging the pain that we cause her. And it felt kind of presumptuous that I had thought about offering Nature that we work together in resistance. They are the ones who do it all the time, and who have no other choice than to fight and we are the ones who make it so difficult for them.

And it occurred to me that I have an us/them thinking, just like it developed with the „refugee crisis“, and I thought it would be better if humankind understood itself as part of nature, but to understand the current situation it seems to be better to think that way.

And then I felt that the ritual was over, said thank you and left. And hadn’t really done any work that was connected to the current „crisis“, but I had done what had offered itself to me. And it is probably connected.

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