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Starting from this post about trans women’s penises (see also this spoken word piece about it) I had some facebook exchange about how trans people call their (sexually interesting) parts. As we know, it is really important to be able to name things, especially for practicing consent. The last two links were in German, and I would really like to write something like that in German, there is just not enough material on it, we still have to create everything on our own, which is sometimes just too much work.

Ok, actually a lot of what I will be writing now can also be found in the resources I linked in my post about trans-sexuality, but I’ll summarize it for you :-).

As you might already know from the sensitivity most trans people have about the pronouns that are used for them and the way they are addressed, language and how you call things is really important for many trans people. Since the words that are usually used for (sexually relevant) body parts are in our minds strongly connected to a certain sex and gender, using these words often doesn’t feel good. So this has sparked a lot of creativity in naming stuff, of which I want to share some with you.

I’ll roughly group them by words for transmasculine and transfeminine body parts. By that I mean body parts that are typically connected to female anatomy, possibly transformed by testosterone, prosthetic or visualized and body parts that are typically connected to male anatomy, possibly changed by estrogen(s), visualized or maybe prosthetic. Within these groups I leave the exact body part that a certain term describes up to your imagination :-). I do not want to imply any gender identity with these descriptions, as far as I am concerned, people of any gender can use any terms.

Transmasculine Body Parts

  • dicklit
  • cockpit
  • click
  • front hole
  • back hole
  • silicone cock
  • wiener
  • unicorn horn
  • moobs

Also the „usual“ words cock, penis, dick, chest, vagina work for some.

Transfeminine Body Parts

  • girldick
  • grirlcock
  • LuAnne
  • click
  • biggest clit alive
  • movable clit
  • twat rod
  • strapless
  • flesh dildo
  • penis
  • yoni
  • labia
  • favorite member of the transgender community

And here the words clit, penis, yoni, labia, boobs, breasts etc. can also work.

But as is described well in Transcending Anatomy, not all words work for all trans people. Best is, to ask them how they describe their parts and use those words.

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